Springwater Fiddlers Fair

The Springwater Fiddlers Fair and American Craft Show!

SATURDAY September 13, 2014 10am to 6pm

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Food - 2013

Networking restaurants, farmers and processors to provide a little finger lakes culinary bounty experience.

Food Vendors

Brown Hound Bistro

Chef Trish Ayers, South Bristol.

  • Wraps - Sweet Grass Lamb or Lemon Hummus & Veggies.

  • Potato Salad with potatoes from Metzler Farm.

  • Ratatouille Stew - veggies from Shimmering Lights Farm.

  • Healthy Purple Grape juice - Arbor Hill.

  • Bottled water.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies - BHB favorite!

  • Finger Lakes cheese and grapes.

Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters

Chef Audrey Carrier, Honeoye.

  • World Famous Buttermilk Pancakes (blueberry, potato, cinnamon, apple) featuring maple syrup from “Sugarbush Hollow” and local seasonal fruits.

  • Produce from “J & B Farm” (Cohocton, Honeoye) and Apples from “Swaenepoel Farm” (Lima).

  • Local seasonal vegetables, yogurt from “Maple Hill Farm” and feta cheese from “Lively Run Farm”.

  • Freshly Roasted Finger Lakes Coffee - ground or whole beans locally roasted from around the world.

  • Chai Teas, Smoothies, Coffee drinks.

Mill Creek Cafe

Chefs Adam, Nadia, Marley and Lucy, Honeoye.

  • Locally raised beef burgers and hot dogs.

  • Fresh local produce, locally produced mustard and sauces.

  • Local grapes and wild apples.

  • Fresh squeezed lemonade and bottles of water.

Naples Hotel

Chef Lizzi Clearman, Naples.

  • Pulled Pork Barbecue Sandwiches using pork from “Bedient Farm”.

  • Coleslaw using locally grown cabbage and carrots from “Wickham Farm”.

  • Corn Chowder using locally grown sweet corn and potatoes from “Rathbun Farm”.

  • Apple and Bread Pudding using local apples and maple syrup from “Sugarbush Hollow”.

  • Fruit Juices from “Red Jacket Orchard”.



  • Ice cream, chili, soda, water, taco salads, Italian ices, frozen chocolate bananas.


Sugarbush Hollow Maple Syrup Farm

Proprietor Chuck Winship, Springwater.

  • Pure Maple Syrup and Maple Products.

Amanda’s Garden

Proprietor Ellen Folt, Springwater.

  • Native Perennial Plants - wildflower, ferns, grasses.

Shimmering Light Farm

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables, garlic and herbs.

Food Processors

Canadice Kitchens

Proprietor Pam Masterson, Hemlock.

  • Homemade local fruit jams, maple granola, maple apple cookies, spice mixes, additional products from other finger lakes processors, “Little Finger Lakes” Hiking Book and wildflower photos and postcards.

K & S Foods


  • “Woodstead Hot & Everything Sauce” and “Sweet & Sour Sauce”.

Maggie’s Mustards

  • Maggie produces a variety of mustards.

Sweetpea Fudge


  • Six different flavors of homemade fudge.

The Springwater Fiddlers Fair shares a philosophy with other finger lakes organizations which fosters a relationship supportive of local agriculture and creative chefs who prefer cooking with local seasonal ingredients when available. Here in the “little finger lakes” region of western New York we have a wide range of late summer and early fall fruits and vegetables as well as an abundance of grass-fed meats. Chefs from area restaurants, quality farmers and food makers are specially selected by our committee and menus are planned for our festival. The end result is a unique menu which we are proud to present to our attendees.

Organizations linking farmers and their produce with chefs at local restaurants are springing up across the United States. They all share a philosophy which fosters a relationship supportive of local agriculture while creating a special culinary experience for people dining at local eateries. The end result is delicious local seasonal food from start to finish. The Springwater Fiddlers Fair & American Crafts Show embraces this philosophy by providing a similar venue for this culinary network to continue into the Little Finger Lakes region of Western, NY.

In accordance with the aforementioned philosophy of food, this year’s restaurants serving the Springwater Fiddlers Fair will offer breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages featuring local seasonal fare to tempt your taste-buds.

No alcoholic beverages will be served or consumed on the premises. Please respect our concerns for providing a safe environment for all.